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new to forum

Post by ninjadaniel » Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:12 pm

Hello everybody!

My name is Daniel, from Mount Gravatt here in Brisbane. Im big into Suzuki's and Toyotas, my current projects are a 1988 Suzuki Sierra LWB with 1.6EFI conversion running standard ecu, I also have a 1996 Toyota MR2 with a camry 1mzfe v6 3.0L, running a TRD supercharger on 7psi.

The MR2 has been running standard ecu, piggyback computer and an external immobilizer for the conversion.
I will soon be installing a MS2 v3.0 My plan is to hack up a spare ecu for the plug and solder onto the back of that- is this what is generally done?
I have discovered a kind gentleman in the states who is running the same conversion as me (minus the sc), and he posted his final .msq tune (months worth of tweeking)
Included in this are PWM settings for the idle controler, crank trigger settings, dwell time etc.... the problem is that the tune is a MS1 v3.0

Anybody know an easy way to export/convert the ms1 tables and settings into an ms2 tune?
Does anybody here have lots of experience street tuning their Forced Induction MS vehicle?

Looking forward to hearing from you all!,

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Re: new to forum

Post by Metalfab_101 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:52 am

Hey Dan! I'm just up the road in Murarrie. I've made an adapter that has a ECU socket the same as the G16 with a DB37 on the other, which will let me plug the MS into the stock loom of my G16'd Sierra. You could do the same sort of thing but it only occurred to me the other day that it would be much, much easier to just solder on extra wires to each sensor etc and have the stock loom plug AND a DB37 coming out of the same loom. That way you just plug in whatever ECU you want to use.

Having this other blokes msq to start from wouldn't hurt. I have some experience tuning MS but not on a forced induction vehicle. SqueekyZuk on here (Hybrid on AZ) has a G16a Sierra which he is supercharging, but he's still running it NA at the moment. I assume you're getting yourself a wideband controller and o2 sensor?

As for converting the tables from MS1 -> MS2 i'm not really sure. Devojet on here does a fair bit of MS2 stuff so he might be able to suggest something. But seriously if it comes down to it I can't see how it would take long to just punch all the figures in manually. You'd probably save time overall doing it that way!!!


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Re: new to forum

Post by wagon » Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:25 am

Welcome, Daniel.

And enjoy.

*insert demonic laughter here*
1984 Ford Falcon 250ci inline 6 MS'd of course!

Now improved the way Ford should have built it with a 4speed automatic.

Also with 3.45 LSD for added goodness.

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Re: new to forum

Post by ninjadaniel » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:15 pm

Hi Damo,

Not really keen on touching the Sierras injection system, its running beautifully at the moment & i don't really feel the need for too much speed in that car. If you have seen my build thread you'd already know it has 4.8 ratio diffs in it (stock 3.7 for those on here) so with the 31" tyres its only about 9-10% lower gearing from standard. I get about 310-330 kms from 33L which i am happy with (i havent run the tank completely dry as i have an external fuel pump).

Im going to purchase the MS2 in the next day or so, along with a LC1 wideband which the MS will be set up to use as it needs it. As you suggested i will probably end up punching in all the figures manually, good thing about tunerstudio is you can load it twice (and i have 2 screens) so i can see both tunes at the same time. One thing thats baffling me (cause im a noob) is why the MS1 refers to air pressure KPA in its VE table but MS2 refers to it as Fuel Load... what is the difference? can somebody explain to me :(


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Re: new to forum

Post by devojet » Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:46 am

Hi Daniel.

I'm at Coomera on the Gold Coast. Another option is you can buy adaptor looms from and I beleive DIY auto tune plan to sell adaptor boards soon. But would be cheaper just to harvest a connector off the factory ecu.

There isn't an easy way to transfer the settings from MS1 to MS2. You will just have to go through the settings and transfer them. The fuel and ignition tables can be exported and then imported into MS2. The Fuel table will need retuning anyway as MS2 is a bit different. The ignition table would make a good starting point.

If you are just running standard SD mode then you can just read the load colum as KPA even though it says %. It's in percent for when you start using Alpha n mode etc.

Tuning a boosted engine isn't really that much different from NA. It is all the same basic principles.


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