Just found this user group. Hello!

A forum for discussing topics of particular interest to those running MegaSquirt in Australia and New Zealand, including parts sources, group buys, etc.
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Re: Just found this user group. Hello!

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Nice Q you got there Long283. I could imagine how well a V8 will run with a well set up EFI system. Mates who have driven my FB are amazed at the smooth power I'm getting from a humble 186. I just came in from the shed after finishing off my cold air intake system. I ditched the open pod and fitted an enclosed pod and plumbed the intake over the radiator support bracket via a flattened nozzle (like a vacuum cleaner head) from an old Volvo. Makes a hell of a difference now the IAT barely reached 30 degrees just running in the shed with motor at normal temp and thermo running. Before this, I was logging an IAT up to 70 degrees. And that was on a mild (25 deg.) day. The only thing I've lost is the induction whistle I got from the open pod.
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Re: Just found this user group. Hello!

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Thirty degrees IAT is great! I get around 65-70 with the factory EEC4 (XE-XF) airbox : it's crap.
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