New here. Daihatsu EJ-DE 989cc 3cylinder

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New here. Daihatsu EJ-DE 989cc 3cylinder

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Hi all!

I want to have a play with Megasquirt 2 as a learning experience. I have played with commercial engine management systems before but I am a tinkerer at heart and thought i'd see what Megasquirt 2 has to offer.

I have been browsing around various distributors and forums but seem to find a LOT of conflicting information.

I want to replace my factory ECU in my Daihatsu "testbed" and initially run the Megasquirt 2 on the standard engine. The Daihatsu uses a 3+1 trigger on the camshaft which I have been told is compatible with megasquirt though I am aware that it's low resolution. I'm going to have a crack with it anyway to see how I go.

I want to run sequential fuel and ignition (it has coil on plug from the factory) but I have heard you need to perform some DIY mods to enable more than 2 injection channels. Does buying a ready made MS2 lock me out from enabling the extra injection channels? Do I need to start from a DIY kit?

Could someone please explain to me what sort of mods we are talking about to enable the extra fuel channels... i.e. is it hardware, software, firmware or all of the above.

This is budget level experimentation as I have another project car which eats most of my money... hence why i'm playing with a MS2 instead of an MS3.

I'm in Perth, WA and would love to hear about other people running Megasquirt over here.

Cheers for your time, look forward to hearing from some of you!

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